Many of you have been cooking for yourself and your family for years. You feel comfortable in the kitchen…even if it’s not your favorite activity.

Some of you may not yet have that experience or comfort level in the kitchen so it keeps you from making your own meals.

Here is a lesson from Precision Nutrition to jump-start the basics for you.

Cooking 101 — what you need to know

You don’t need to be a super chef. All you need is some confidence in the kitchen so you can continue to live healthy for life.

And really, you only need to know three things:

  • Cooking isn’t really that hard. All it takes is practice.
  • Start with five basic “go-to” meals and build up from there.
  • Mix and match with ingredients and spices for world-cuisine flavors.

Cooking isn’t really that hard. All it takes is practice.

If you can follow instructions, you can cook. Set the oven to 375 degrees? Done. Chop your veggies into cubes? Easy. Season two chicken breasts? Uh-huh.

Do those three things and you’ve got a perfect baked chicken ready to go into the oven.

Cooking just takes a little consistent practice.

And after a while of following instructions from cookbooks, you’ll start to develop the confidence to ad-lib and make stuff up on the fly.

Cook every day. Experiment. Have fun.

Start with five basic “go-to” meals and build up from there.

A lot of cooking is simply adding to existing meals.

Know how to cook scrambled eggs? Then you have all the skills you need to make a delicious egg and veggie scramble. (Toss in some bell pepper, mushroom, green onion, and tomatoes with a little basil, salt, and pepper.)


Know how to cook a chicken breast? Then you know how to make an awesome stir-fry. (Cut the chicken into cubes, chop some vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus, and red pepper, and toss them in a large pan with some coconut oil and low-sodium stir-fry sauce.)


You’re only limited by your imagination.

So write down five “go-to” meals you feel confident cooking. Maybe that’s scrambled eggs, oatmeal, grilled chicken, spicy vegetable soup, and beef burgers. Whatever they are, write ’em down.

Once you have your five things, do a quick Google search to see how you can change it up a little bit by adding different herbs, spices, veggies, or sides.

Mix and match ingredients and spices for world-cuisine flavors.

Maybe you live in Cleveland but want to travel the world with your taste buds. All you need to do is experiment with spices and ingredients and build on the skills you already have.

You can make awesome soups reminiscent of different parts of the world.

Italian? Try some minestrone. Jamie Oliver style.

Mexican? Try some posole.

African? How about peanut and squash soup?

Chinese? Try some hot and sour soup.

See how you knowing how to make one thing (soup) can give you unlimited possibilities?

Get creative, experiment, and have fun.

Planning and prepping meals is a chance to discover what YOU enjoy.

And it helps YOU be in control of YOUR nutrition experience.

Let me know how I can help you get started!!!

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