As I get back into the daily swing of things now that my exam is over, a common theme keeps coming back into my thought process and my reading: we are a product of our choices. 

Some of these choices are made consciously while others are not. They are made out of habit and because we’ve become unaware of what’s going. Life is busy and hectic. It happens. 

I believe this to be true…and a key to the change process. 

For me, I made very specific decisions to get to where I am today. I wasn’t fulfilled in previous relationships and in my career…so I changed my path. 

Was it a direct line to my current relationship and career? Nope. But I was willing to try different things to figure out what I liked and what I didn’t like. What felt right, and what didn’t. 

This quote is part of how I live my life and how I want my clients to live theirs:

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions. 

—Stephen Covey

So I’ve been reflecting back on life to see how far back I can remember making specific decisions to form my path in life. 

In high school, I remember choosing the courses that would help me get into college. I made the choice to study and to do well in high school.

I remember selecting colleges. I chose to apply to two of them. BGSU was my first choice, and OSU was my second choice. 

For me, BG was smaller and more appropriate for me. I wanted the feel of a college campus and a small town. It was also a strong business school which was the direction I was leaning.

Again, I remember selecting courses to get me through college with the best degree for me at that time. I did change majors a couple of times as I learned more about the coursework and future options. 

I was never afraid to try new things. and I have always embraced change because I knew that it was inevitable. I found that by going this route, it wasn’t as stressful for me to manage change throughout my career and my life in general.

As a college graduate, I decided to give direct sales of life insurance a shot. Good learning experience, but not a good fit for me. 

Getting into the home office with an entry-level position was a much better fit. I knew going in that I just needed an opportunity to get in the door, and that I could make anything else happen from there. 

Within 18 months, the company made the announcement that they were relocating to Cincinnati and that we had an option to move with the company.

I did. I had a good thing going and no reason not to try out a new city. This area is my home and has been for 22 years this week! Time flies. 

I was good at my job and was promoted a number of times in the early years. I made decisions to volunteer for projects and new positions to help build my knowledge and experience. 

I embraced change that occurred often in the corporate world and found ways to help those around me learn to manage the change. Not everyone embraces change and often fight it instead. 

For me, that was wasted energy. Let’s make the change and find a way to make it the best it can be given the situation. 

And then it happened. The corporate position wasn’t a decision I could live with any longer. 

Fast forward a few years and I am now leveraging my willingness to embrace change and my love for coaching others to help them through the decisions they want to make to better their lives.

We can choose to look forward and embrace the change we want to make or we can choose to be okay with where we are today. That’s our decision.

But whatever you decide to choose…own it. Don’t make excuses for it or hide behind it. 

As a coach, we don’t judge client’s decisions. We support them and where they are. It is their journey and their timeline. 

It is extremely helpful for us when you tell us what you want. We know how to help at that point. When you own your plan and define what it should look like, then we can provide the information, skills, options, etc. to help you get there. 

Change can be difficult, but it can be done. People can choose decisions over circumstance to live a happy and fulfilling life. 

Let me know how I can help you embrace change!


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