A Tale of Two Clients

Take a look at the behaviors and outcomes of these two clients.

Client A

  • Attends gym once or twice a week with little outside activity
  • Tracks food sporadically, but remembers other food items when reviewing it
  • Doesn’t take the actions set for the plan
  • Eats well for one meal a day
  • Snacks on less than healthy options
  • Little change in weight/measurements
  • Few non-scale victories

Client B

  • Attends gym two-three times a week consistently and has other outside activity 
  • Ramps up that outside activity if the gym schedule doesn’t work that week
  • Regularly tracks food as a part of the action plan; identifies all food items
  • Focuses attention on the actions set in the plan
  • Eating well the majority of the time while enjoying other meals with family and friends
  • Lost 20+ pounds since the first of the year
  • Wearing clothes that she hasn’t for awhile plus other non-scale victories
  • Feeling better in general

What do you notice?

Client B is focusing on actions DAILY. This has resulted in the desired outcomes. 

Did it happen as quickly as she wanted? No. Did she throw in the towel? No.

She trusted the process and learned to change her behaviors that led to the desired outcomes. 

This was done without any major restrictions. This was done without telling her what she can/can not do. It was a negotiated discussion about what actions to take to change the behaviors. 

The ultimate goal is a lifestyle change that each client can live with going forward. We want to beak the cycle of up and down weight loss. 

Getting started is tough. So why do that every 6 months? Every year as your New Year’s resolution?

Learn ways to change your habits so that you become consistent daily and don’t need to start over…again.

Every client is different in where we start and when we begin seeing results. Some will be faster than others.

The only way to start seeing change…is to start taking action…no matter how small it may seem. It will build from there.

Trust the process. Reach out when you are ready to be our next Client B. 

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