One of the skills we teach clients is awareness. How to become aware of what’s around you and what you are doing.

That includes a number of different areas:

  • food 
  • drink
  • movement
  • emotions
  • pain
  • stress
  • really anything impacting you physically, mentally and emotionally

Having this awareness allows you to learn more about yourself and your habits. You can better identify what is helping you move toward your goals and what is hindering your progress. 

At first, it may just be a note to yourself…hey, I do this when I go here or I crave sweets when I do this.

Eventually, you can begin to act on it and learn something different to change the habit or create a new one that supports what you are doing. 

A lot of good can come out of becoming more aware of what’s going on and your reactions to whatever that might be. 

On the flip side, once you learn to become more aware…it’s hard to turn it off…even when you don’t want to become more aware!

What I’m referring to is the abundance of noise out there about fitness and nutrition. 

  • Read this article to learn exactly what this superstar ate each day to lose weight. 
  • Check out this workout that this superstar did for their latest movie role.
  • Try this product to help you lose weight, detox, flatten your abs, etc.

This information is confusing and can lead people to believe ‘if I try this I will finally lose weight’. 

The truth is…every one of us…has a different combination that gets us to the ideal place we want to be. There is no one-size-fits-all approach we can take with clients. 

Yes, we have standard programming in our nutrition applications, but the lessons and habits can be applied individually. 

Yes, the group gym sessions are standard, but we all vary in our skills and experience so they are also applied individually.

You cannot take what a friend or co-worker has done, follow it exactly and expect the same results. 

You are unique.  So the changes you need to make to reach your fitness and nutrition goals will also be unique. 

The process to identify and experiment with nutrition changes is similar for clients. But because we all have different tastes, preferences, intolerances, etc., we will eat and drink different things. 

Some people love to run. Some love to lift heavy weights. Some enjoy swimming. The specific activity isn’t always as important as is just doing the activity.

While I was in the corporate IT world, a lot of my time was spent solving problems. I worked to figure out what was needed from a people, resource and process perspective to solve the problem.

That’s what I can help do now, but with a nutrition and fitness focus. 

How can we work together with your resources and our coaching processes to solve your fitness and nutrition challenges?

Yes, it does take time to try different things and to see what works and what doesn’t, but in the end, it will be a better fit for you than if you ate and worked out like the superstar you read about on Facebook! 

Please reach out when you are ready to do some problem-solving. We are always available for a conversation to get things started.


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