For the last 18 months, I’ve been consistent with completing my entries in The Five Minute Journal. I was out of town and had a week or so with a pretty hectic schedule. I stopped entering on a daily basis.

I realized that it was missing from my daily routine and now I’m back at it. Sometimes a break can help us realize the importance of something we’re doing in our lives. This is just one example.

Throughout my training, the use of gratitude journals showed up many times in my reading and research and highlighted the value it can bring to our lives.

Research reveals that gratitude is an incredibly powerful emotion. When we feel grateful, our brains “light up” with activity.

Over time, if we feel grateful over and over, it actually changes the physical structure of our brains so that we feel happier and more connected.

More importantly for us, the research also suggests that feeling grateful is an important part of living longer, being more resilient, and staying healthy.

Feeling grateful can improve how we feel day to day. Because, when we practice feeling grateful:

  • We have a better outlook.
  • We feel less pain. 
  • We often feel stronger.
  • We recover better, and our immune system is more robust.
  • We feel less stressed, and whatever stress is left, we deal with more effectively.
  • We feel more motivated.
  • We feel happier with our bodies and how they work. We appreciate what our bodies do for us.
  • We’re even better at things like solving problems and working towards important goals.

For me, learning to practice being grateful has shown me so much good in life. The irritations and frustrations seem smaller and less important. While all the little things in my life are there for a reason and make me happy. Perspective. 

If you’re looking for a simple action to bring more positivity in your life…consider journaling 2-3 things you are grateful for every day. See what that can do for your mindset!!!

(source: Precision Nutrition)

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