When it’s hot outside a summer salad can do the trick!

It’s easy to pull together and can be dialed up a notch or two with these five-ingredient swaps.

1.) Lettuce – choose greener options and skip the iceberg lettuce. Check out the link below describing other leafy greens that provide more of a nutritional punch…and taste better!

Leafy Greens

2.) Cheese – swap for other veggies to add more fiber and reduce the amount of fat in your salad. If you can’t live without your cheese, choose a flavorful cheese that adds to the overall taste of the salad, but keep an on your portion sizes. 

Veggie options for salad are endless: celery, carrots, radish, cucumber, peppers, zucchini, tomato, onion, mushrooms, etc. Mix and match to add variety to your salad options. 

3.) Bacon – this is a fan favorite at many restaurants. Swapping bacon for turkey bacon is one small step you can make, but bumping up to leaner proteins has even more of an impact especially if the salad is the main meal. 

Use lean ground beef with Mexican seasonings for a fiesta salad and add corn and beans. 

Use ground turkey with Greek seasonings on a spinach salad and add olives, sun-dried tomatoes for a Mediterranean flavor.

Use chicken many, many different ways to keep the salad options changing. 

4.) Croutons – swap them for raw, unsalted nuts like almonds, cashews or walnuts adding some healthy fats to your salad. 

5.) Dressing – look for oil/vinegar based dressings instead of creamy dressings like ranch. This will reduce both calories and fat in your salad. 

Paying attention to what’s in your salad can lower the calories, fat, and sodium that’s included while improving the flavor with more nutritional choices. Protein, fiber and vitamins and minerals will also be increased if you go with more veggies in the salad. 

With fresh summer fruits and vegetables everywhere right now…take advantage of all that great flavor and experiment with new combinations.

Check out some ideas here: Healthy Summer Salad Ideas!!!

Want more ideas on ingredient swaps? Reach out and let’s talk.


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