I’m spending a tremendous amount of time on my marketing right now. Trying to articulate my ideal client and how I am going to speak to that client.

It’s one of the most challenging things I’ve had to do. It has taken me a lot longer than I thought, and it’s key to the next steps for me so I need to push forward.

I want to coach people who are ready to take action and create a healthy lifestyle. Seems simple enough, right?

But I have to clarify who those people are more specifically so that I can relay the value I can bring to the table if they work with me.

What is valuable when it comes to health and wellness?

What is the trigger that sparks a person to begin taking the actions needed to eat better and move more?

  • Is it a health scare? Statistics say otherwise.
  • Is it a family history of a chronic illness? Statistics say otherwise?
  • Is it waking up daily with aches and pains that they can help manage?
  • Is it walking through their day with a lack of energy and passion that limits what they are accomplishing in their life?

Realizing that I have more control over how I feel and what my body can do was a huge hurdle for me. It took me 45 years to get here, but now I know.

As we get older and fill up our schedules, we tend to push certain things aside thinking that it will be ‘fine’…I’ve got time to work on that later.

When is later? We have one life to make it the best possible.

In my corporate position, I no longer felt valued. I wasn’t doing work that provided the personal growth and development I wanted. So I left and decided to find something that could provide what I wanted. I’m the only one who could do that.

Same thing with how I felt. I was slightly overweight and had chronic back trouble. It hindered what I could do and that was frustrating for me. I wanted to be an active participant in my own life. 

I didn’t just sign up at a gym to check the workout box. I wanted to learn more about fitness, nutrition, and wellness in general. That’s where I found my new career.

Learning to take control over what you eat and how you move is rewarding and empowering. You realize how you are limiting yourself with your mindset. We all need to break free of those limiting factors and go for it.

I ran two half-marathons that weren’t even on my radar three years ago. I can deadlift more than my own bodyweight. Again…never on the radar.

These may not be the things you want to do and that’s fine. We are all different.

Find your ‘things’ that get you excited and working toward a personal goal.  That’s where experimenting with new and different things can be so much fun.

I try to simplify the process to fit everyone…every potential ideal client.

Awareness – where are you today?

Goals – where do you want to be tomorrow?

Plan – how do we create a plan for YOU to get you there?

While this is simple…implementing it is way more complex and has its challenges. Learning that those challenges are a part of the process and how to navigate them is part of the growth that comes with change and creating a new path.

We are unique. Meaning…every single plan will be different.

There is no magic pill that we can take to get us through that plan to the goals. It comes with daily actions on our part. Consistent daily actions, not perfect daily actions.

If the ultimate goal is to live a healthy lifestyle…then there really is no target date…right? It is from this day forward.

There can be intermediate goals that keep us motivated to take those daily actions and to experiment with new things. They can be very fun especially when working on those goals with others. 

But overall this is a new way of life. And when you live this way there are no diets. There are no bad or good foods or cheat days.

They are just days where we get to choose how we are going to live them. Are we adding value to each day or are we taking away value to each day?

Our choice to make every single day.

You are the owner of your plan and the subject matter expert of your life.

As a coach, I can help you put together the plan and keep you on track. I can provide the information you need to make the decisions that move you forward.

When you’re ready for your plan…schedule a Discovery Consult so we can get you going on your goals!

Have a spectacular Saturday!!!

Coach Jen

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