Let’s share some wins from the week!

This has been a practice of mine for the last couple of years. My training suggested we do this. My coaching mentors suggested we do this. I suggest we do this.

It’s important to take the time to appreciate what we get done in a week. We are busy with a lot of things pulling at us to do more.

There is only a certain amount of time in a given week. No one has been able to add more time to the calendar.

That’s why it is so critical to make sure what we fill that daily calendar with is what is helping us move forward…in whatever areas we want to move forward.

You do want to move forward, right? Most of us have goals in areas of our lives. We have to be intentional every day in order to make that happen. It doesn’t necessarily have to be hours of work, but the task has to be one that moves you forward until the task the next day.

I was very productive this week both personally and professionally. It was my week back from vacation so I was rested and ready to go. I knew had a lot planned for the weekend and wanted to feel good heading into those events.


I started this coaching practice officially in July. Since then, I’ve been working many amazing women to help me get that basic infrastructure set so that I could begin coaching online. I now have the education and training as a health coach as well as the business pieces in place. That’s a very exciting place to be!

Now I get to create the challenges and programs I’m going to share with those who are ready to begin their running journey and living their best lives.

Stay tuned for announcements in November!!!


Getting cleared by the doc earlier this week has been a catalyst to help me get back to my exercise routine from earlier this year.

I chose to take a pretty big step back in this area so that I could focus on healing. I really wanted to know I could run (and generally be active) for the long term. I haven’t consistently run since the end of April when I was trying for the Flying Pig Half.

My hip didn’t impact my workouts at the gym, but still I also scaled that back even more in September to allow myself to focus on the coaching practice more intentionally.

Part of it was a ‘test of the process’ that I often suggest to clients. So as a coach I wanted to test it now that I am in maintenance mode. What do I need to do to maintain my weight/strength/endurance/etc. when I’m not as active?

The lesson is learning to dial up/dial down when you need to, but don’t turn it off. At least keep the dials simmering at all times.

So what did that look like…HUGE focus on nutrition. I made sure I was eating lean proteins, fruits, veggies, smart carbs, and healthy fats. I was more cautious about when and how much of all of them. But I never restricted myself from anything. I still had a beer or ice cream when I wanted it.

As a better example, I didn’t indulge as much on vacation as I have in the past. Did I enjoy myself? Very much so, but my enjoyment doesn’t come from food and drink choices as much as it does the experience of being relaxed on the beach or playing golf.

We also do a lot of walking so I kept that going as well. It was a nice break from the heavy lifting and the longer runs, but I missed both of those activities.

I kept telling myself to focus on the priority RIGHT NOW…and that was to heal my hip and build strength. My PT exercises did that I can feel a difference.

This week’s progress was pretty awesome: 2 gym workouts, 2 1.5 miles runs and a yoga session. And I feel good! A bit of muscle soreness from the upper body workout, but that’s normal.

My energy level is high and I’m anxious to keep moving forward…in both areas.

What I hope is clear is that we all have stressors in our lives that are going to come at us. Mine was a hip injury, but there are many others that we will all face in our lives…project deadlines, job challenges, death, divorce, sickness, and many others.

Learning ways to navigate the stress and to move the dials to support you through the stress is a great skill for all of us. And it takes practice and experimentation.

That’s what I want to help people do…navigate their lives so that they can continue to hit their health and wellness goals while dealing with life situations.

Running has been such a great way for me to reduce my stress so I’m extremely grateful for the help I’ve had to rehab the hip so I can run again! I feel so much better.

Your takeaway from today’s post…think about all that’s going on in your life and find something to celebrate.

Maybe it is simply getting through the day! Celebrate that and enjoy the rest of your weekend. 

You have a choice. You can throw in the towel,

or you can use it to wipe the sweat off of your face.


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