Final Post of 2018!

Closing out the year as we have a the last few years. Dinner here with Tim’s brothers and SILs. We then walk to his brother’s house for dessert, drinks and music to ring in the new year. Great way to end the year!

It’s the time of year to reflect on goals and accomplishments and to think about what’s next in the upcoming year. Some people choose to set very specific goals each and every year. Others don’t. A choice we all get to make.

Setting goals and evaluating ‘how did that go for me’ is a great way to grow and learn…even if you don’t reach every goal. It gives direction and helps determine where your time and energy should be spent.

Not setting goals may also work for you…or not. How do you know where to spend your time and energy? Are you happy with where you are in all areas of your life? What are you doing about it if you’re not?

How do you expect things to change if you don’t start diving in and evaluating those parts of your life that aren’t exactly working for you…they won’t change. You won’t change.

This isn’t just a cliche that is made into a social media meme. That’s how it works. It’s not rocket science. But it does require us to be deliberate and specific.

We have to define what we want in our life and map a plan to get there. Some of the things may have a timeline tied to it, others may not. Small steps every day will help us get there. We have to take the first step and bring in others to help us.

My real understanding of this began in mid-2015. I was going thru the motions with no specific directions. Yes I had goals at work, but they were driven by what the company needed more than by what I needed. I was no longer being fulfilled with my work and new I needed to move in a different direction.

That’s when I began talking with others and figuring out a plan for my next steps. I resigned from a 21-year IT career with a plan to reboot and to determine my next steps.

As I began focusing on improving my own health and wellness, I learned that I wanted to help others do the same.

I’ve spent the last three years learning, practicing, researching, discussing, sharing, challenging, etc. to be the best coach I can be. 2018 included becoming board certified and completing my running certification.

I also created my business and established the foundation to run the business. Now, in 2019, I’m ready to build the business and to bring people into my community who want to be there. People who are ready to make specific goals, take action and practice skills to help them get those goals accomplished. And all the while…learn more about what works for them and what doesn’t. That information helps determine what’s next.

As I was figuring out what I wanted to do professionally, I was also working on myself personally. Challenging myself in ways I’ve never done before. We can do things we never thought we could with a little guidance and little courage to try.

I ran the Flying Pig half marathon. Yes I did injure myself, but I took the time to heal. I’ve learned to listen to my body and take the time when I need it. In the past, I wouldn’t.

Now as I head into a new year, I have a new training plan with another half marathon as the goal. It’s very specific to focus on what I need without overdoing it. Goal is to remain uninjured as I train. I’m also trying some new activities as a part of the cross-training. Running goals need to include more than just miles on the ground. A HUGE learning for me this last year or two.

The internet is amazing because you can find anything at anytime. That can also be a problem. There is SO much information it’s hard to dissect what’s there and to find what works for you. That’s where you have to learn to rely on others and to ask for help.

I was never very good at this in the past, but I learned how helpful people can be and that people want to help. Take advantage of that and don’t be afraid to ask. That’s how you’ll get to your goals and make the changes you want to make.

I’m here to help you. Let me know how I can do that.

Have an amazing new year!!!

Coach Jen

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