Building a new health coaching business doesn’t come with a step-by-step instruction kit. I’ve had to go through several iterations and starts-and-stops to figure out what it is I am going to do as a coach and going to offer to clients. 

Over the last three and a half years I completed seven major certifications to help me better understand lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition changes that are needed for wellness. It has been challenging and rewarding, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to change careers at this point in my life. 

While I had many good things in my life, I wasn’t happy with my career and I was not feeling 100% physically. I was at the point where I knew I had to make changes related to lifestyle, exercise, and nutrition. I was coaching myself to wellness using LEAN! 

That’s when all this education and training got started. 

First I needed an introduction to nutrition and coaching. I researched several programs and selected Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. There are great programs offered, but I was dialed into the master certification that would take me deeper into coaching skills. This is where I realized I could leverage my corporate skills by enhancing my coaching and mentoring with motivational interviewing and appreciative coaching. 

As a benefactor of Precision Nutrition’s coaching, I became a believer in the idea of habits and how they form the basis of all that we do. So I looked into these certifications next. Level 1 provided a much deeper understanding of nutrition and how it helps fuel our bodies for our health as well as for performance. Level 2 then took the coaching habits I was introduced to by DSWI to the next level. 

Next came the big one – board certification! As a student of DSWI, I was able to sit for the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching exam. I believe this was an important step for me to be a part of a group of coaches who passed an exam from an organization that is trying to help standardize the role of a health & wellness coach in the industry. It was tough but well worth it.

Next was my running coach certification with UESCA. I enjoy running and like working with clients who have goals related to increasing their distance and their times.

The GGS-1 exam from Girls Gone Strong provided a more in-depth look at exercise and nutrition for women. While there are things in common with men, there are also things that are different and should be coached differently. This also enticed me to take my last certification.

Finally, I wrapped up this year with my Certified Personal Training certification with NASM. I wanted to better understand exercise at that level so that I could provide better, more specific guidance for that pillar.

What do I mean by pillar? In the DSWI certifications, Dr. Sears refers to the four pillars of health that drive our wellness: lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition. This resonated with me from day 1 of my training.  I targeted my name around these pillars and feel that we need to look at all four to ensure our wellness. I know that’s what I did to get my journey started back in 2015.

All of these certifications provided new knowledge and new skills that allow me to be a better coach. But they have much more value than just that. I have all of these resources available to me going forward. If I client has an issue I’m not familiar with, I can do research and provide answers and options for them to consider. My toolkit runneth over!

Wait there’s more! The best part of all of these certifications and businesses are the relationships I’ve built by being a part of these groups and the people I can reach out to when I need help in my business. I have colleagues that I still speak with every week so that we can continue to grow and to flourish as business owners. Very lucky for these people!!!

So what you ask? What’s all this information about.  

I’ve come full circle with who I want to coach. I want to coach LEAN concepts and help align client’s goals so that they can do the things that they want to do now and well into the future.

I am looking for women who:

  • Are ready to take action and to move closer to wellness. 
  • Have tried fad diets in the past with little or no success.
  • Talk about making changes, but don’t know how to take action with all of the confusing information that’s available at their fingertips.
  • Have been challenged by the rollercoaster of weight gain/loss because they didn’t learn the skills needed to change their habits for the long term.
  • Are ready to set and to meet the goals they have so that they can be a more active person in their own life.
  • Want to start running (or walking) to be more active. Or want to strength train to be stronger.
  • Want to stop talking about the things they want to do and start doing them!

I can help by guiding, motivating and educating you through the changes YOU want to make!

We will:

  • Simplify the process by co-creating a plan that works within the constraints of YOUR life today. 
  • Reduce overwhelm by choosing 1-2 small changes at a time to keep a narrow focus. Once mastered, we move on to what’s next.
  • Set realistic goals that focus on long-term changes, not short term fixes. If you’re looking for the silver bullet, I’m not the coach for you.
  • Look at the aspects of LEAN – lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition to determine where to get started for quick wins. This will also help us break down larger goals into manageable pieces…again to reduce overwhelm.

Ultimately these changes will help you feel great and feel empowered by your actions. You will have driven the game plan so that you know you can continue these new habits for the long term.

Does any of this sound like you right now? If so, let’s talk! Click the link to schedule a strategy session so we can get you started on your path to wellness.

Coach Jen

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