Are you confused by all of the health and diet information that’s out there?

Do you want to get started TODAY but unsure how?

I will teach you both how to get started and how to stay consistent.

Why do you need a health coach?

You’re probably here because you’re ready to make a change.  Maybe it’s losing weight or building muscle. Maybe it’s getting more sleep or reducing stress. Maybe it’s running your first 5K or doing your first deadlift. Making changes to improve your health can be overwhelming.

They can also be down-right deflating.  Have you tried every diet on the market?  Did you lose weight and gain it all back when you realized you couldn’t stick to your diet in “the real world”?

Or how about this one…you bought a gym membership and still haven’t been there?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  It happens all the time and that is exactly why you need a health coach to help you break the cycle!

Hi, I’m Jen Rizzo.

I’m a National Board Certified Health Coach that specializes in getting a healthier you, up and running!  I work with women who want to lose weight by moving more and gain energy by eating a balanced diet.

Together we work as a team for YOU. We explore lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition habits to determine YOUR action plan. We discuss how you take small action steps to form consistent habits that meet the goals you set in your action plan. Then you take action while I’m there as your guide!

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Let’s focus on your LEAN

In my practice, “lean” is more than a word. For me, it’s the foundation on which my practice is built. Each letter of this word means something to me.  In my programs, we look at every aspect of LEAN, which are the Four Pillars of Health, to create a program that works for you.



How You Live



How You Move



How You Think



How You Eat

Many women will try 5 to 10 diets, or more before they either find one that works, or give up.

Why do you think this happens?

Because we’re trying to follow diets with food restrictions that aren’t enjoyable! Who wants to stick with that for the long term?

Not me! So, I’m not going to do that to you. When you work with me, you’ll learn how to eat, when to eat and what to eat…based on your preferences.  Plus I’ll teach you how to get your exercise program up and running!

The Real Deal About Artificial Flavors

As a runner, you want to align your nutrition goals with your running goals. Proper nutrition will help fuel your runs and help you recover from your training. You’ll often hear ‘eat real foods’ as a mantra for better nutrition.

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The Stress Mess: How It Messes With Your Health

We all have some level of stress, right? It may be temporary (acute), or long-term (chronic). Acute stress usually won’t mess with your health too much. It is your body’s natural reaction to circumstances, and can even be life-saving. Then, when the “threat” (a.k.a....

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