LEAN Services

Are you ready to make changes that you can live with?

My health coaching services take you step by step through making changes and sticking with them. Starting with a free challenge group, my service packages can not only help you get started but also provide support as you continue to work on your fitness goals and become the healthiest version of you.

5-Day FREE Challenge

Making the decision to make a change is the first step in your fitness journey. It’s also the hardest. I created the 5-Day Challenge to support you in taking that first step.

During our 5 days together, I’ll help you identify opportunities for improvement within one of my Four Pillars of Health  framework. Then, we’ll create an action plan that allows you to start building healthier habits.

The 5 –Day Challenge is totally FREE with no obligation. It’s my gift to you. I want to give you a chance to take action without a financial commitment. I also want you to see that you can do it and it’s not as hard as you think when you have help.

Check out the Facebook Group for the current challenge.

FREE Strategy Session

Not sure where to start? Wondering if I can give you the help you need? Let’s jump on a call to discuss your goals and concerns. I’ll answer your questions and tell you how I can help you get moving forward.

LEAN Running Membership Group

Already a runner? Or, maybe you’ve already gone through my 28-Day Jumpstart and you need help keeping the momentum going?

My LEAN Running Monthly Membership Group is designed to provide ongoing support to clients at all fitness levels. From beginners to marathon runners, this program can help you refine your running and continue to improve your overall health & wellness.

Your monthly membership includes:

 – Daily peer support in my exclusive closed Facebook group.

 – Daily coaching support from me within the group.

 – Weekly coaching lessons. 

– Biweekly habit practice so we’re continuously working to build healthy habits.

 – Monthly strength & speed programs to compliment your running.

 – Running programs to help you prepare for your next race.

BONUS: When you stay active in my membership circle for 3 months, I provide complimentary quarterly food journal reviews so we can continue to improve your nutrition.


Membership may be canceled at any time.

28-Day LEAN Running Jumpstart

Have you always wanted to be runner? Many women want to run for exercise they just don’t know where to start. I specialize in helping women learn how to run and make running a part of their exercise regime.

The 28-Day LEAN Running Jumpstart program is designed to help you get started on your running journey. There is more to running than just running. If you want to succeed with running, we need to assess the whole you. Once we have a clear picture of your current abilities, we can create a plan that helps you get from where you are today, to where you want to be.

This program is a more detailed version of my 5-Day Free Challenge that also focuses on bringing running into your routine. Over the course of 28 days, we’ll further discuss the Four Pillars of Health and assess your individual areas of opportunity within them. We’ll work together to create action steps within each of the Fourth Pillars that will help you start running and be empowered to continue.

Check out the Facebook Group for the next Jumpstart program.

One-on-One Coaching for Runners

Ready to take your running journey to the next level? My One-on-One Coaching Program for Runners can help you run that extra mile, make your target time or run without pain. If you are a runner that is ready to reach new fitness goals, this program is made with you mind.

Together, we’ll assess where you are in your running journey and talk about your goals. We’ll create a plan that tackles your challenges and gets you in the best shape of your life.

Like my traditional One-on-One Program, I’ll provide guidance on your nutrition, healthy habits and more, but we’ll also take a good look at how you’re running and find ways to improve it.

One-on-one Coaching for Runners is provided in 3-month increments. At the end of each increment, we’ll do a full evaluation of your progress and discuss potential next steps.

One-on-One Coaching

Are you the person that has tried every diet and exercise program without success? Or, maybe you’ve lost some weight but have a few stubborn pounds hanging around? If this sounds like you, it’s time to dial in and get some customized support.

One-on-One coaching allows us to create a plan that is specific to your needs. You are the expert on YOU. Using your input, I’ll help you craft an approach that fits your lifestyle and works to achieve your goals.

One-on-One Coaching includes guidance on your:

 – Fitness routine.

 – Meals plans.

 – Food journal.

 – Healthy habit forming.

Please note: This program works to TEACH you how to live healthier, not TELL you how to like many mainstream programs do. My One-one-One Coaching does not provide work out plans or meal plans.

One-on-one Coaching is provided in 3-month increments. At the end of each increment, we’ll do a full evaluation of your progress and discuss potential next steps.

Regardless of where you start, if you stay focused on LEAN, you’ll be able to:

– Add healthier options into your daily diet without restrictions and with food that tastes good.

– Reduce and/or eliminate your aches & pains or stomach troubles.

 – Improve your sleep and other recovery activities.

 – Better manage stress.

 – Improve your running performance.